Bizztech Solutions

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Product and services

  • Messaging and collaboration
    We offer Messaging solutions such as Microsoft Exchange server Implementation and support offering features such as cooperate email, webmail, outlook connectivity, active sync, unified messaging, POP, IMAP and integration with an array of systems.For collaboration systems we offer SharePoint Portal server which offers a document management System, content management system, Brandin, social collaboration and many more features including custom made solutions
  • Maintainance contracts
    Maintenance contracts are designed to replace, adjust, and maintain recommended components to prolong the life of the instrument and ensure optimal performance.they are available upon request. Estimated cost will vary depending upon system components and accessories.A Maintenance agreement runs for a period of one year and provides service on specific equipment based on a planned maintenance schedule specified by the customer.
  • Web-based information
    Web design & development, Website & Email hosting, Domain name(s) Registration.Also are Web Based Applications i.e.Customer Relation Management Systems (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERP), Human resource Management System (e-HRM), Online e-Learning Systems. Which includes E-maiil marketing services & Internet Marketing tools
  • Security solutions
    This include an array of solutions we provide from various partners like: Kaspersky antivirus suite, NOD ESSET Smartsecurity suite, Symantec End-point protection suite and Internet Gateways and Firewalls i.e. ISA or TMG server, Cyberoam.
  • Biometric systems
    Our Biometric Systems are based on facial recognition, our technology on biometrics is one with a difference since it has some additional features compared to the older systems i.e. it can tell a dead face and a mask and has a higher accuracy ratio as compared to other technologies in the market hence making it more secure. This technology is utilized for the following functionalities; Time attendance, Access control, Surveillance with facial recognition and behavioral recognition which is still under development. We are also looking forward to merging this technology with other systems like banking systems and others.
  • Infrastructure solutions
    This solutions are based on the implementation of the core components of server based infrastructure i.e. Windows server 2003/2008 Implementation and its entire components i.e. Active directory, DHCP, DNS, RMS, CA e.t.c. VMware and Hyper-V ; a solution for implementing a virtual machine environment. System Center server and client management suite, it includes configuration manager, virtual machine manager, operations manager, services manager e.t.c. We also include other ICT Infrastructure solutions like: Networking implementation and Design i.e. Set Up (LAN, WAN) ,Computer and Server Systems hardware repair, support & Sales.
  • Storage and back-up
    We offer solutions like NetApp, Veritas which provide a full range of features like data warehouse storage solutions that provide LOB Managers, Storage Administrators, Database Administrators, and IT Management with: Backups/restores in seconds, Management and check-point restart of Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) operations, Data mart development with Zero-space virtual copies, Deliver Green IT cost savings through space efficiencies, Deliver results (KPIs, dashboards, reports) on-demand. Windows server backup solution is also recommended for smaller organizations to offer backup and restore solution for both servers and client computers.
  • Electronic document management and collaboration systems
    We offer a solutions by the name of SharePoint which offers a number of features i.e. Content Management, Intranet & Extra-net Solutions, Document Management, workflows, Office Web Apps and many other features including customized functions.
  • Management information systems
    Retail Management System, Sacco Management System (FOSA & BOSA), Fleet Management, Medical Insurance System, Real Estate Management System, School Management System, Cargo Handling System, Clearing and forwarding System, Advanced Payroll Master 2.0 System.